Product and Services

Design, Production and Fitment

The Plytek Group are proud of their designs, the production of their lining kits and the attention to detail they insist upon.

When new vehicles and or existing models are updated The Plytek Group pride themselves on making their own new templates for each of these vehicles.

These templates are then mapped out and nested as necessary on the CNC machine for production.  A prototype is produced and measured up against the new model the template was made from.  Any minor adjustments are then perfected and rechecked until correct.

Consistent quality checking through the whole design and production process is imperative to achieve a good quality product to be proud of selling and fitting to customer’s vehicles.

The Plytek Group have a clear understanding of the importance of getting every job right first time, but also there is the empathy for what happens when this goal is not achieved.

Strict internal guidelines for all stages of the design, production, parts QC and fitting and are consistently reviewed to ensure that the business achieves the best results they can in the most efficient ways.

This is why we made the decision to implement the BSI ISO 9001:2015 and N1 Enhancements accreditation programme under Vantek Plus.